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6 octubre, 2022

A new macroeconomic era is emerging. What will it look like?A great rebalancing between governments and central banks is under way

The Economist. Oct 6th 2022. For months there has been turmoil in financial markets and growing evidence of stress in the world economy. You might think […]
6 octubre, 2022

Quantum entanglement wins Nobel physics

Understanding this weird property of particles is ushering in a new era of technology. This year’s Nobel Prize for physics has been awarded to a trio […]
22 junio, 2022

Our electric future depends on cities. Here’s why

25 Jan 2022 Cities can accelerate and drive the green transition, boosting well-being and prosperity in the process, by adopting zero-emission vehicles. But fractured governance is […]
19 mayo, 2022

The coming food catastrophe

May 19th 2022 The Economist The EconomistPeople have become familiar with the idea of a cost-of-living crisis, but that does not begin to capture the gravity […]
22 abril, 2021

Why we can be optimistic about the post-COVID future

Healthcare can benefit from changes sparked by the pandemic, say experts at FICCI HEAL eventBy Jason Chan – October 28, 2020  At the start of the COVID crisis, […]
24 marzo, 2021

Copper new supercycle?

The world’s biggest copper trader expects the metal to hit $15,000 a ton in the coming decade as demand from global decarbonization produces a deep market […]
10 mayo, 2020

Arab states are embracing solar power

The Middle East cannot rely on oil forever Two millennia after the ancient Egyptians dropped their solar deity, Ra, their descendants are rediscovering the power of […]